Operation Worm Bin. Status: Ongoing.

Our worm bin is just about a year old according to flickr. I checked on them today and things seem to be moving along nicely.  One of the bins should be full soon and we’ll rearrange the stack and let the worms migrate up into an empty bin, leaving their wonderful castings (ie: poop) behind.  The worm bin has been largely problem-free, mostly, I think, because I leave them alone and don’t feed them too much.  The worms probably get our kitchen scraps once every two weeks or so.  They seem happy (if a worm can be happy) with that schedule and by not over-feeding them we haven’t had to deal with any smells or other less desirable creepy-crawlies.  Shockingly, worms would rather be alone to do their thing, and I’d rather leave them alone, so it’s a nice relationship. 🙂

The system is simple – just Rubbermaid totes with holes drilled in the bottoms of the upper two and holes around the sides for ventilation (everybody likes to be able to breathe.)  Originally we put a valve in the lower one to allow compost tea (ie: moisture) to drain out, but it really wasn’t proving to be useful so we got rid of it.  We made made the bins using this tutorial.  It’s an easy project, doesn’t take up much space, and it makes wonderful fertilizer.  Highly recommended.


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