Raised bed plans … or Dragon Battle Land.

I came across a good deal on cedar today that made planning and pricing the raised beds I want to put in easy-peasy:  1x6x6 boards for $3 each.  Apparently they are leftovers from the mill that are made after the bigger pieces are cut.  They’re supposed to be fencing but lumberyard dude suggested them for this use as well and it makes good sense to me, especially since the 2x10s that I was lusting after were $4.59 a foot.  (Is it normal to lust after lumber?)  At $3 a board, I’m going to build 3 beds, each 3x6x18″ and a 3x3x3 compost bin for a grand total of about $230.  Can’t beat it.

The best part is that,  by my very feeble math calculations, each bed will hold 1 cubic yard of dirt.  That’s my kind of planning – round numbers suit my needs. Cost for 3 cubic yards of compost/ soil blend comes in right at about $100.  This is clearly meant to be.

Oh – the picture – this is what happens when I try to make an actual plan – raised beds become Dragon Battle Land.  It happens.  Maybe the dragons will keep the tomatoes warm.

Sources: Paul Lumber and AgRecycle


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