My upper body workout for the day.

Probably normal people do not have 2.5 cabbages in their refrigerators for no particular reason. But we just ran out of kraut so…

and with extreme muscle power (and salt) …


I’d like to see you do THAT, Jillian Michaels.


8 thoughts on “My upper body workout for the day.

  1. so wait–you got 2.5 heads of cabbage into what size mason jar? cuz it took me a month of fermenting to get one head into 2 quart-sized jars! maybe i’m not a good krauter?

    • No- 2.5 into a half gallon jar! I have some big jars! You really have to just keep smashing it with the back of a wooden spoon- it took about 45 minutes and I may have blisters….

  2. We usually have 2.5 cabbage for no good reason but I thought it was because of Greg. I hate cabbage, and most cabbage related items, but I guess I could use a workout.

  3. I thought fermenting crocks required loose-fitting – not screw-top – lids. Do you have to vent it frequently? I can just imagine the mess of a kraut-splosion.

    • Totally correct. I don’t screw the lid on- it just rests on top for a couple of weeks on the counter. After that I screw it on and throw it in the fridge.

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