Gardening is hazardous to your health

I wasn’t going to buy seeds this year with the expense of putting in the raised beds and all. Started lots of leftover seeds we’ve kept in the freezer. The kid and I enjoyed it- good fun.

But somehow the seedlings got COMPLETELY infested with spiders. Hundreds of tiny spiders all over the seedlings spinning strangling webs at seemingly miles per second. It was to the point that there were dozens spiders on the ceiling and to kill them I sprayed the ceiling with vinegar but then a dead vinegar-soaked spider landed in my eye. Gardening is dangerous.

The seedlings I flung out the second story sunroom window. Scared the shit out of the chickens- they are used to only bread and vegetable scraps crashing down around them, not flats of spider infested potting soil.

20110421-083635.jpgSo we will not be starting everything from leftover seeds this year and I had to buy more seeds because we used up everything that needed to be started already. And of course I had to buy even more seeds than necessary because the packages are pretty and omgilikeprettypackages. And the little potted herbs are so cute, how could one resist? Best to get one of each. And the raised beds still don’t even have dirt in them. Oh dear… I think this should be considered a rebuilding year.


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