February 2018


  • Went to Japanese Steakhouse and then Dev watched some videos about Japan and the Japanese language and noticed that Japanese works are out together in a similar way that objects are created in Little Alchemy.
  • Playing Minecraft Murder Mystery, using percentages, what percentage chance is it that you are the murderer?
  • What’s the difference between pine trees and spruce trees?
  • Visited Sportsworks at the Carnegie Science Center.
  • Doing a great deal of research on medieval weapons and lore including the mathematics and science of mythological creatures
  • Black Panther
  • Round Hill Park Demonstration Farm
  • Discussion on if air has mass
  • Differences in chain mail design and consideration of physics of sword hits to humans wearing properly constructed chain mail. (Absorbtion of energy). Blade design for getting through chain mail.
  • Research on medieval plate armor, weak spots relating to human anatomy.


  • Watching Storybots, learned how airplane fly, rhombus, why we need to brush our teeth, the size of the sun, our respiratory systems, cow digestion system of 4 stomachs.
  • Recognizing and naming 2 digit numbers.
  • Visited Sportsworks at the Carnegie Science Center
  • Created a book in Minecraft and dictated the text, followed along as I typed words.
  • Round Hill Park Demonstration Farm

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