There’s something missing.

There's something missing. by tinepgh
There’s something missing. a photo by tinepgh on Flickr.

First steps taken. Got the window out. In one piece. This is good. And shopped for the necessary supplies. Because, you know – I could have spent time starting the work, setting up the basement to work on it, doing a rubbing to serve as a template, taking apart the damaged pieces, cleaning each piece. But there was shopping to do! And by god if there is shopping to do it needs to be done, first.


It’s no wonder I can’t figure out where to start.

A 5 minute attempt to define open projects and relevant completion objectives, because that’s what being an anal retentive procrastinator is all about:

  • Finish spring sweater before fall. Or edit pattern to include turtleneck.
  • Fix paver steps to the garden and chickens. Would be  easier if crazy rain hadn’t turned them into a waterfall.  Actually, a waterfall would be nice….
  • Build raised beds for the garden. Source magical soil and mulch from renewable resources.  Remember that we don’t have a truck anymore.
  • Buy truck.  Convert to veggie oil to avoid guilt for buying truck.
  • Actually do yoga instead of thinking about yoga.
  • Fix front stained glass window.  The tape is too trashy for words.
  • Make better bread. Less rock-like.  But then what would the chickens eat? Grow grain in raised beds.
  • Finish kitchen reno project.
  • Start seeds. Find all the stuff needed to start seeds. Basement.  Crap.
  • Clean the basement.
  • Build walls around new furnace and duct work.  3 years ago.
  • Add insulation to roof. Screw the walls.
  • Close hole in third floor ceiling.  Or put in fold -stairs.  Or a whole house fan.
  • Wash two of the chicken’s butts. But only two.
  • Finish reading the four books I have started before starting another.
  • Paint third floor floors with lead encapsulating paint.  Then lick floors.
  • Rebuild front planter before it completely rots and sends children to ER.
  • Can dried beans.  Because I can.
  • Take giant load of stuff to Goodwill enabling use of dining room table. Then do giant jigsaw puzzle that doesn’t actually fit on table.
  • Get new table.
  • Refinish first floor floors.  Or get new floors.  Or move.
  • Install third floor light fixtures.  Find third floor light fixtures.  Probable location: basement.
  • Oh crap – the basement.  Dammit.

and I submit the evidence

Exactly why the kitchen will never get done.  Something always gets broken more than the kitchen needs to be fixed.  Our 120 year old stained glass window finally gave way to 120 years of dogs trying to kill the mailman.

Pre-kid I took one of the first stained glass classes at the Union Project.  It’s a skill that’s come in handy.

But in the meantime, there’s scotch tape.  Very classy.

House Projects That Will Not Die Part 1 – the Kitchen

It always starts with a good idea. The endless projects. Our kitchen was a disaster and the cabinets were painted with lead paint, but we had neither the time or money to completely gut it and start all over again. And so came about the idea of a light DIY kitchen redo, heavy on the reused materials.

That was in May 2009. Sometimes life gets in the way of construction. We’ve done a lot. Carefully removed the old cabinets. Demoed the bulkhead, the better part of a wall separating the kitchen and sunroom and an incredibly disgusting exhaust fan. Installed new (to us) cabinets from Craigslist and painted some of them, Oak counter tops, new (to us) sink from Construction Junction, relocated the dishwasher, laid a new floor, put up a new ceiling (luan), and light fixtures. Cleaned and reinstalled the cabinet hardware. Skim-coated the plaster. Build a radiator cover-microwave stand (the first of it’s kind!)

And yet…there is Two weekends. Two SOLID weekend is what it would take to finish. To pull up the part of the floor our poor old dog ruined, install the rest of the trim, caulk EVERYTHING. Pull down the rest of the !@#$%^ Sanitest wallpaper, skim coat the pantry walls. And paint paint paint paint. I need two weekends. Maybe in 2012.